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Molly Maloof, MD

Director of Clinical Content

can i use sensoydne repair and protect or sensoydne whitening on my crown?

its for tooth #19.

will it tarnish the c rown? or is that tooth paste safe?
  • Male | 36 years old

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Find low drug prices at local & online pharmacies

Featured Answer

2 UpVoted this answer Leah M. Hickson, DDS, PC Dentist, Eugene
It is perfectly safe to use on your crown. The crown will not benefit from any of the properties that sensodyne offers the natural teeth but it would be counter-productive to have to switch toothpastes from one tooth to the next.
neither toothpaste should damage the crown.
Matthew Hyde
Neither of these sensodyne products will tarnish or damage your crown. They will not lighten your crown either. The shade of your crown will not change, neither will your fillings.
You are safe to use sensodyne on your crown. It will not benefit your crown in any way but it will benefit the rest of your teeth.
There is no need to use sensodyne on a crown as it provides no benefit.However if you are using sensodyne on a regular basis for your natural teeth you can keep using it without harming the crown and still deriving the benefit for the natural teeth.
Vinay Jerath
If this is any lab processed crown, the answer is no. If you have a porcelain crown or any other lab made crown, then the sensodyne will not whiten the crown. If you have sensitivity at the gum line, then the tooth paste does help. It will not tarnish the crown, it will only help with sensitivity.
Neither should harm the crown. If the crown is gold it will stay mostly polished looking over the years. If the crown is made of a different alloy then it will probably discolor with time from normal usage.
Your toothpaste will be fine for your crown.
All toothpaste work well on your teeth and porcelain crowns are not affected by them unless they are too a beside . Sensodyne is a great product and it is safe.
Any toothpaste works fine on all teeth / crowns so long as it doesn't have excessive abrasive particles in there. In general Sensodyne does not have a ton of abrasives in there. Some whitening toothpastes used to but I don't think they do anymore. Good luck!