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Molly Maloof, MD

Director of Clinical Content

is it cancerous

i have a lump on my back down below my shoulder blade. its been there for a while and has gotten a little bigger. it doesnt hurt when i push on it. its really soft. i was just wondering if it was cancerous
  • 45 years old
  • Medications: i dont take any
  • Conditions: no

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I need an conective tissue's ecography to develop my diagnosis
I am of the opinion that I am unable to accurately diagnose a 'lump' by history alone. The most likely etiologies are a lipoma or epidermal inclusion (sebaceous) cyst. Neither of these are cancerous. It would be prudent to have it evaluated by a health care professional.
James T. Sandwich
Sebaceous cyst. Look for the pore. Expressing the "stuff" won't make the cyst go away. They come back. Surgical excession is warented. Getting to see derm in this area can take up to 3 months. I routinely remove this in my office.
joseph bartush
sebaceous cyst
joseph bartush
it sounds benign probably a cyst or lipoma which is fat. the only way to be sure is to see a dermatologist. it never hurts to be certain.
Melvin Elson
It sounds like it is a lipoma which is a benign fatty tumor. However, there is no way to know without actually examining it. Always best to have it looked at by a dermatologist. Treatment of lipomas involves surgically removing them. Reasons to remove them are because they are large and unsightly (for cosmetic reasons) or because they are painful or uncomfortable.
This may be a lipoma, which is a growth of fat cells under the skin. See your dermatologist for examination and recommendations on whether this can or should be removed.
Lisa Chipps
There is really no way of telling without examining you but the likelihood is that it is a lipoma (a benign fatty tumor). You would need to see your primary care clinician in order to rule out other concerns.
Edwin Medina
It could be many things , the most likely is a lipoma a non cancerous tumor of fat cells. They are usually soft and are painless. You must still have it looked it by your primary care professional to be sure.
may need to be watched, if not removed. Most likely lipoma, will need to have physically examine.