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Molly Maloof, MD

Director of Clinical Content

What's the earliest age my daughter can go in for Invisalign treatment?

I saw a commercial for Invisalign Teen, but it didn't say at what age she could get the treatment. She is 11 years old.

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Featured Answer

24 UpVoted this answer
would not recommend using invisalign. While you'll get a lot of practices selling you invisalign for your kid as it makes them more profit, I would not recommend for a teen (and we are an invisalign preferred provider-- but think of our patients first, not our wallets!). It will cost you about $1,000 more, is only effective for certain cases, will take longer and you run the risk of compliance (your kid must wear for 23 hours a day) and lost aligners. I strongly suggest traditional braces for her-- as it is the best value for your money and there is no stigma for kids her age to have braces. If you must use invisalign against all good reason, she can start now with their teen product-- its just a poor choice for an 11 year old.
12 UpVoted this answer
It's not chronologic age that matters, it's maturation of the dentition. Please understand that traditional orthodontic treatment provides on average 90-95% improvement, Invisalign treatment provides on average 43% improvement. So with Invisalign, or any other clear aligner system you pay more but get less than half the result. Please makesure your daughter sees an orthodontic specialist, not a general dentist, for her orthodontic care. Also understand that Invisalign does not work if patient compliance is marginal.
Arnold J. Malerman
11 UpVoted this answer Sean Cotter, MD Primary Care Physician, San Francisco
It is very important to consider not only the capabilities of Invisalign as an appliance but also your child's maturity level to comply with treatment. Aligners must be worn 22 hours/day. They have to be removed to eat and brush teeth. If they are not worn prescribed amount of time they do not work.
Olga Bukholts
7 UpVoted this answer
Jenn, Teen invisalign should be reserved for children that have lost all of their primary teeth. This age is obviously different between individuals. The reason for this is that is extremely difficult to predict both the toot size of unerupted permanent teeth and their eruption time. Teen invisalign works great on dental issues (teeth) without any skeletal issues ( bones ). I have 2 daughters. My oldest's teeth all erupted by age 13 and my youngest by 10 years so you just have to wait for the correct time individually. I hope this helps. Dr.Konys
David M. Konys
6 UpVoted this answer
We can use Invisalign on full permanent dentition, no baby teeth.

So usually around 12-13 years old.
Maryse M. Aubert
5 UpVoted this answer Sean Cotter, MD Primary Care Physician, San Francisco
Invisalign treatment can start as all permanent teeth except the 12 year molars are erupted. That means any where from 10 to 14. There is a certain level of maturity required so that the patient can be relied to wear the aligners as directed. It requires 22 hours a day removing them only for eating and brushing, not an easy task.
Sheldon L. Contract
4 UpVoted this answer Matthew Milestone, DMD Orthodontist, West Orange
As long as we have all permanent teeth, then we can do it even at age 11. But we must check the teeth first.
Nahal Ashouri
4 UpVoted this answer
The best way to find out if your daughter is ready for Invisalign is to seek a consultation with an Elite Provider of Invisalign Teen. Typcially a patient will need to have all their adult teeth in place, however, we often will start patients who have "baby" still present with Invisalign because they need to have space created to allow for the remaining adult teeth to come intoposition. We have had patients as yound as 10 years old wearing Invisalign and they had all their adult teeth in place already! On the otherhand, we have patients who are 13 years old and still have "baby" teeth but we started them with Invisalign because we needed to make room first. With Invisalign Teen you can have "baby" teeth in place and the set-up of the teeth provides room for the adult teeth that are going to replace those teeth. Typically, most Orthodontists do not charge for an initial consultation and it is the best way to find out if your daughter is ready for Teen Invisalign.
Donna L. Galante
2 UpVoted this answer
The best way to find out is for your daughter to see an Invisalign Premier Provider. Ths is an Invisalign doctor that has a greater level of experience. There are many factors that come into play; including maturity, dental age, severity of case, etc. Only a consultation will be able to determine your daughter's options.
Scott D. Galkin
2 UpVoted this answer
Yes, we can start treating Invisalign teen cases at much younger age now. The answer to your question is to have a consultation with a Invisalign trained orthodontist. If you prefer, even a second opinion.
Ting Orthodontics