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  • "Dr Thomas is the greatest. I have been going to him for many years. He is always available, pleasant, never in a hurry and is always concerned about how a I am doing. I have chronic back pain and every time I visit I am improved. Thank you Dr Thomas for your wonderful caring practice."

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    "I've been looking for a good Chiropractor for a long time and I have found one in Dr. Thomas.

    When you first meet Dr. Thomas, you can sense the passion he has for making you feel better. He will take the time to ask you what the problem is--very thorough. He will not assume what you are feeling. Your well being is of the utmost importance to him. Then, he'll treat the cause of the pain--as aggressively as possible.

    I sincerely think that his goal is to get you treated and not have you come in as many times as possible.

    Also, try the massages there as well. Dr Thomas has a massage therapist who does internal restructuring of the muscles. Works wonders in helping me breath better, improve my posture, and enhance my rigorous swimming workouts.


    Unverified Review Aug 30, 2011

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Without an evaluation, this sounds exactly like what a chiropractor would fix. A medical doctor would likely call this "Mechanical Back Pain", which is one thing chiropractors treat. I'd recommend finding a good chiropractor in your area to be evaluated.

William M Thomas