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Striving to Look 45 08-23-2013

Dr. Paul Vitenas

60-year-old looks 45 | Dr. Paul Vitenas | Plastic Surgeon Houston TXThere are a number of plastic surgery trends that get reported in an average year – such as most popular procedure, who’s having what done, and the usual rash of ‘new’ techniques and procedures that have evocative names like the ‘Vampire Facelift’.

But the UK Daily Mail newspaper has reported that in a New York Times interview, Dr. Macrene Alexiades-Armenakas has noticed some interesting new trends in her clientele. For example, many of her clients in the over-60 age group have decided that... read more

Physician's Grade Skin Care Versus Department Store 08-13-2013

Dr. Paul Vitenas
Physician-grade skin care | Dr. Paul Vitenas | Plastic Surgeon Houston TXIs there really a difference between the skin care products sold at a medical spa and the similar-sounding, high-end products available at retailers or department stores? Women certainly know there is a difference in price. The question is, are they worth it? The consensus is a resounding yes. There is a dramatic difference between product lines, and the added cost is worth every penny.
The reasoning:
At major retailers, the facial products often sound fabulous, have beautiful packaging, and smell... read more

Summer Loving – Use Photo Rejuvenation to Turn Back Time! 07-26-2013

Dr. Paul Vitenas
Photo rejuvenation | Dr. Paul Vitenas | Plastic Surgeon Houston TXIPL, also known as intense pulsed light or photofacial rejuvenation, is a treatment that has shown great results in treating sun damaged skin. It can also remove light freckling, and is one of the best treatments for rosacea on the market.
While IPL is effective in restoring damaged skin, sometimes it just isn’t enough to turn back the hands of time. For those who have fine lines and wrinkles brought about by the natural aging process, there’s a tendency to immediately think about... read more

Lifting Your Body for Summer! 07-15-2013

Dr. Paul Vitenas
Body Lift Image | Dr. Paul Vitenas | Plastic Surgeon Houston TXAccording to a new infographic from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, well over 90% of people who have a lift of some kind would both recommend it to a friend, and have other procedures to complement their new look.
There are a number of reasons to have a lift of some kind. For example, regular dieters (who put the weight back on and lost it) may have stretched skin which can be removed to improve their body shape. People who tan frequently or who have been pregnant also suffer... read more

Clip those Bingo Wings 06-28-2013

Dr. Paul Vitenas
Bingo Wings | Dr. Paul Vitenas | Plastic Surgeon Houston TXForget about getting a facelift or liposuction, those procedures are so ‘last year’. The fastest growing cosmetic surgery trend of 2013 is an upper arm lift (Brachioplasty). Last year, over 15,000 arm lifts were performed in the United States; that is a 4,000% increase over the past decade, up from 300 in 2001. The appearance of those unsightly ‘Bingo Wings’, which can notoriously detract from even the most beautiful face and curvaceous figure, have quickly become Enemy #1 for American women.

Some Facts About the Weight Loss Shot 06-14-2013

Dr. Paul Vitenas
Weight Loss Shot | Dr. Paul Vitenas | Plastic Surgeon Houston TXIt’s something of a holy grail for dieters the world over. What if I could just stop being hungry, get some vitamins, and feel an energy boost without resorting to the various foodstuffs and energy drinks that actually help pollute our bodies and make us fat?
The Weight Loss Shot can help with all of these things. In fact, the weight loss bit is just the headline; but it’s important, so let’s look at that aspect first.
Weight loss is accomplished through a combination of eating the right stuff... read more

Hot Celeb Moms vs. Daughters 05-31-2013

Dr. Paul Vitenas
Blythe Danner and Gwyneth Paltrow | Dr. Paul Vitenas | Plastic Surgeon Houston TXIn honor of Mother’s Day, Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery has put together a celebrity mother-daughter competition. We know you’ll agree these moms are hot; but do you go so far as to say hotter than their daughters? Read on to see how we voted – who’s your favorite?
Blythe Danner and Gwyneth Paltrow:  Just named the most beautiful woman in the world, Gwyneth is a stunning female; and her mama is not too shabby, either. Blythe takes fabulous care of her 70 year old complexion, most likely investing... read more

Skin Cancer Prevention Tips 05-17-2013

Dr. Paul Vitenas


Skin cancer prevention | Dr. Paul Vitenas | Plastic Surgeon Houston TXAmid long-awaited trips to the beach, barbeques, baseball games, and various other reasons to play outdoors this summer, thoughts of protecting your skin from the sun can easily fall to the wayside. But did you realize a UV rating of 10 can mean a burn in ten minutes or less! UV rays can brutally damage your skin, as well as the underlying tissues, causing wrinkles, freckles, and even cancer.
May is National Skin Cancer Awareness Month, take advantage of this time and educate yourself on the... read more

The Importance of the Consultation Phase of the Facelift 05-03-2013

Dr. Paul Vitenas


Facelift consultation before and after | Dr. Paul Vitenas | Plastic Surgeon Houston TXThe three main reasons that patients choose one surgeon over another are the experience of the team, the level of care offered to patients, and the comfort and safety of the surgery center. All of this can be evaluated at the initial consultation, which makes it very important to both the surgeon and the patient. However, some patients arrive with little knowledge of surgical procedures or their suitability for surgery, particularly when it comes to the facelift.
While it is true that most... read more

Cosmetic Surgery is No Longer Just for Girls 04-19-2013

Dr. Paul Vitenas


Cosmetic surgery for men | Dr. Paul Vitenas | Plastic Surgeon Houston TXWeight lifting and fitness have been a major influence in many men’s lives since the advent of gyms, fitness videos and movies featuring the likes of Jake Gyllenhaal, Hugh Jackman, Mario Lopez, Matthew McConaughey, Daniel Craig and others. And even those who don’t particularly want to put in the time do have a solution – body sculpting, which at its most extreme sees the body surgically altered to give the appearance of firmly toned muscles without actually having to spend ten... read more

2012's Celebrity Cosmetic Surgery Inspiration: Kate Middleton 01-25-2013

Dr. Paul Vitenas


Cosmetic surgery inspiration | Dr. Paul Vitenas | Plastic Surgeon Houston TXIs it Scarlet Johansson’s breasts? Is it Katie Holmes’ chin? How about Mila Kunis’ eyes? Not in 2012; this past year, the most requested celebrity body part has royal roots. While her sister, Pippa, has a bum that is envied across the globe, it is Kate Middleton’s nose that has been most requested in plastic surgery procedures over the last 12 months.

The Duchess of Cambridge has been the center of a media-frenzy, ever since the future King of England slipped a wedding ring on her finger two... read more

Are Tanning Beds Safe? 01-19-2013

Dr. Paul Vitenas


Are tanning beds safe? | Dr. Paul Vitenas Plastic Surgeon Houston TXConsider the notion of a tanning bed being safer than sun exposure, a complete fallacy, an urban myth, an untruth spread by the tanning bed companies, consider ... never using one again. As cosmetic surgeons, we are constantly asked about the safety of tanning beds, even though more than one million people are diagnosed with skin cancer every year. Despite knowing this fact, thousands of people – most of them young women – continue visiting tanning salons on a regular basis.

Skin cancers are... read more

Dear Dr. Vitenas: Questions about Cleavage 01-11-2013

Dr. Paul Vitenas


Cleavage questions | Dr. Paul Vitenas | Plastic Surgeon Houston TXIf you are thinking your upcoming breast augmentation will definitely provide you with that deep, sexy cleavage you always wanted, think again. There are more factors to cleavage than just the size of your breast.  To get the highly sought after cleavage of Scarlett Johansson or Jessica Simpson, your natural anatomy needs to be just right.  Here are a few questions Dr. Vitenas hears most often on the subject:


Dear Dr. Vitenas,
Do larger breasts mean more cleavage?
This is a common misconception... read more

Rejuvenation of the Breasts 01-04-2013

Dr. Paul Vitenas


As we age, women will often experience drooping (ptosis) in a variety of places. One of the areas frequently affected is the breast, as the surrounding skin becomes loose, eventually sagging from poor elasticity. Several things can cause this ptosis, such as normal aging of the skin, but it can be more extreme with a heavy chest. Over the years, large breasts, whether natural or from breast implants, can pull and stretch the breast tissue downward. Regardless of the cause, the problem of lax... read more

Breast Augmentation Myths 12-28-2012

Dr. Paul Vitenas


Breast augmentation myths | Dr. Paul Vitenas | Plastic Surgeon Houston TXWhile breast augmentation is the most popular cosmetic procedure – over 300,000 were performed last year – urban myths about implants are still often perceived as the truth. Did you think any of these were true?


1) Saline is safer than silicone.


Silicone implants were off the market for several years, but in 2007, the FDA gave them their full approval. Today, silicone breast implants are considered completely safe (they were not found to cause the medical problems first attributed to them in... read more

What to Look for in Before and After Photos 12-21-2012

Dr. Paul Vitenas


Tummy tuck before and after | Dr. Paul Vitenas | Plastic Surgeon Houston TXHave you ever found the perfect hairstyle in a magazine, only to be told by your hairdresser that it can’t work on your hair? Maybe your hair is too curly or too straight, too long or too short. Worse yet, has your hairdresser tried to give you the style and the result looks terrible? No matter how good something looks on someone else, not every style works on everyone. That goes for cosmetic surgery, as well.


Think about breast augmentation for a minute. When you see one before and after photo... read more

The Reality of Botox Cosmetic Misconceptions 12-14-2012

Dr. Paul Vitenas


Botox myths | Dr. Paul Vitenas | Plastic Surgeon Houston TXEven though Botox Cosmetic has grown to be synonymous with wrinkle removing injectables, and even though it is the most popular non-invasive cosmetic procedure today, many people still do not know the realities of the procedure. Take a look at these 5 myths below; did you know they were false?


Myth #1. Botox Cosmetic can cause droopy eyelids.

When Botox Cosmetic is administered properly, by an experienced and qualified physician, the potential side effects are minimal.  Less than 2% of all... read more

Would You Let Your Teen Get Plastic Surgery? 12-07-2012

Dr. Paul Vitenas


Teen plastic surgery | Dr. Paul Vitenas | Plastic Surgeon Houston TXSince she started public school at age 7, Nadia Ilse had been ridiculed and teased daily about her large, protruding ears. She was tormented by her classmates so often, and so viciously, that Nadia had lost all self-confidence. She couldn’t even look at herself in the mirror. Nadia would fake an illness or migraine whenever she could, just to stay home, and as she got older, Nadia began to skip class without her mother knowing – anything to avoid the harassment. Finally, the... more

Botox Cosmetic, the Cure for Everything? 11-30-2012

Dr. Paul Vitenas


Botox Cosmetic | Dr. Paul Vitenas | Plastic Surgeon Houston TXBotox Cosmetic, you are really a girl’s best friend! Not only are you the world’s greatest wrinkle-wiper, migraine-mellower, sweat-stopper, bladder-balancer, osteoarthritis-obliterator, and now . . . ACNE ERASER? What can this precious little poison not do?
Dr. Anil Shah, a Chicago area cosmetic / plastic surgeon, is one of a handful of doctors who has started using Botox Cosmetic as an official treatment for adult onset acne. Through Dr. Shah’s extensive knowledge of botulinum toxin... more

Confessions of a Trophy Husband 11-23-2012

Dr. Paul Vitenas


Trophy husbandIt is still hard for me to say the words Trophy Husband without giggling. That title is just a bit silly. None-the-less, if being married to a wonderful lady, and being a confident man who takes care of myself, earns me the title of Trophy Husband, I will wear it proudly.
What makes me a Trophy Husband? I guess some would say it's my trip to the cosmetic surgeon's office. You see, after accompanying my wife several times, a thought came to my mind. Why was she the only one... more

Before You Get That Smokin' Body - Stop Smoking 11-16-2012

Dr. Paul Vitenas


Stop smoking | Dr. Paul Vitenas | Plastic Surgeon Houston TXOne of the questions any good cosmetic surgeon will ask you, when assessing your readiness for surgery, will be if you are a smoker. At first, this may seem like just another medical professional nagging about your smoking habit. Think again.
Smoking has a direct impact on your surgical results. Facelifts, Botox Cosmetic injections, and facial fat transfers are just a few of the procedures that can have their results ruined by smoking. Continued exposure to smoke will make your tight... more

Understanding Your Liposuction: The 4 Questions to Ask Your Plastic Surgeon 10-16-2012

Dr. Paul Vitenas


Liposuction questions | Dr. Paul Vitenas | Plastic Surgeon Houston TXChances are, if you haven’t had Liposuction, you know someone who has. It is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the world; in the United States alone, over 325,000 Liposuction procedures were performed in 2011. No matter how common the surgery has become, Liposuction is still an invasive procedure, requiring heavy consideration. To ensure your Liposuction will be safe and effective, with long-lasting results, there are four key questions to ask yourself and... more

Hot Reality Moms: Not So "Real" 09-15-2012

Dr. Paul Vitenas


Kris Kardashian | Dr. Paul Vitenas | Plastic Surgeon Houston TXEverything on TV is not as perfect as it first appears. With that being said, who hasn’t watched a little reality television and thought, “How does that mom look so good?” The next time you sit down with the remote, remember to keep things in perspective. Just because a mom can Keep Up With the Kardashians, has survived being a Teen Mom, or is Plus 8 . . . certainly doesn’t mean her awesome looks come naturally.


Kris Kardashian:  Kris could make any mommy jealous!  She has... more

Choices in Breast Enhancement Procedures 09-01-2012

Dr. Paul Vitenas


Breast enhancement choices | Dr. Paul Vitenas | Plastic Surgeon Houston TXVitenas Cosmetic Surgery offers a variety of breast enhancement procedures, providing something to fit everyone's specific needs. Advances in cosmetic surgery procedures have made breast enhancement safer, more economical, and more natural looking than ever before. And while breast augmentation has remained the number one cosmetic surgery in the US for years, other, related procedures are gaining more interest and attention. Before deciding which surgery fits your particular needs... more

Botox and Juvederm: Two Injections, One Great Face 08-16-2012

Dr. Paul Vitenas


BOTOX and Juvederm | Dr. Paul Vitenas | Plastic Surgeon | Houston TXJuvederm and BOTOX are two of the best products available today, in the cosmetic surgeon’s office, to treat facial lines and wrinkles. While at first these treatments may seem interchangeable, it is important to know that these fabulous, face-enhancing injections are not the same thing. BOTOX works by paralyzing the muscle at the injection site – relaxing the skin and smoothing wrinkles. Juvederm is a gel filler – which adds volume and plumps hollow areas, as well as... more