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Q & A with Dr. Robert Swenson 11-05-2010

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Q: What got you into this specific practice of dentistry?
A: I wanted to be a dentist since I was a boy. I always loved going to the dentist and dreamed of becoming a dentist much like our family dentist was. I enjoy the company of people from all walks of life and all ages. Being a family dentist is something that I not only dreamed of always becoming, but it is also a profession that I am deeply proud of and immensely enjoy.

Q: What landed you in your city, and what is it that you like about... read more

Simpli5 02-26-2014

Dr. Robert L. Swenson
Simpli5 - Express Aligner System
All-new Simpli5 is your fast and simple aligner system for minor-to-intermediate anterior crowding or spacing. Developed by Ormco’s AOA Lab, Simpli5 consists of up to five sequential trays for dual- and single-arch cases. Each tray generates up to 1/2mm of movement, or 5mm overall for a dual arch case.
  • •Impressions to aligners in just 3-4 weeks
  • Ideal for former OrthoClear cases further along in treatment as well as for new cases involving minor-to-moderate... read more

Vision statement 05-09-2012

Dr. Robert Swenson
We provide innovative, leading edge dentistry, and we are committed to excellent, personalized dental care.
We are a dedicated team of well educated, professional and friendly individuals who very much enjoy and take pride in everything we do.
Our patients demonstrate their satisfaction and appreciation by becoming engaged partners with us in their oral healthcare and act as advocates in the community by eagerly referring their friends and family to our office.

Soft Tissue Laser 10-10-2010


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Utilizing a soft tissue laser allows for necessary gum incisions to be made with less damage to the tissue.  This new technology also causes less discomfort and bleeding, and in some cases eliminates the need for anesthesia and/or stitches.

A Brief Overview of Dental Implants

Dental Implant | Robert Swenson | Dentist | Tustin, CAUsing titanium inserts, dental implants replace missing teeth with a natural look and feel.  Tooth loss, also known as Edentulism, can create several problems to one's health.  Nutrition may suffer, as foods that were once enjoyed become too hard to chew.  Remaining teeth may suffer as well, as they have to bear the load of the missing teeth.  This ends up straining and possibly damaging themselves.

Fortunately, dental implants can combat Edentulism. Because implants “mimic” natural... read more