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  • Takes Time to Listen: 100%
  • Communicates Well: 100%
  • Recommendable: 100%
  • Average Wait Time: 1 minutes
  • "I have an all round general fear of dentists and I can say without a doubt that Dr Ramlaggan and his team have made my experiences at the dentist nothing but pleasant!

    So far I have had a number of fillings and a Root Canal and they have all been a success! The care I have received from all the staff is second to none and my dental health is the best that it has ever been.

    I have had the conscious sedation twice for both my fillings and root canal and it was a great experience...I don't remember a thing!!!

    I would highly recommend Dr Ramlaggan to anyone searching for a dentist !! I even think I'm now on my way to overcoming my fear of dentists :)

  • "Before coming to Midtown Dental I was deathly afraid of dental treatment of any sort. After various procedures by Dr. Ramlaggan and his amazing staff that fear is completely gone. I have had my teeth straightened with Invisalign, two root canals, a crown and many fillings at Midtown Dental. I was terrified by the prospect of having a root canal and Dr. Ramlaggan genuinely put me at ease. I had twillight sedation and don't even remember the procedure! Since then I am now able to undergo other dental procedures such as fillings and crowns with no anxiety. Dr. Ramlaggan and his team genuinely care about their patients' well being and bring a level of personal care to their work that I have not experienced anywhere else. I look forward to visiting the office and trust that my well being is a priority at Midtown Dental."

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    "Dr. Ramlaggan and his staff take great care to ensure that their patients get the best service and always leave smiling. Midtown Dental cares about each patient as a whole person, not just a set of teeth. They are concerned with a patient's total health. I have been a patient for many years and, though I've moved far away, I always return to them. They take care of me, not just my teeth."

    Unverified Review Jan 01, 2013

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Cavity filling can trigger jaw problems if opening too wide for too long in combination with anaesthetic in certain areas. After fillings, if not adjusted soon enough, then higher bite can trigger extra grinding and clenching. Your dentist can use a prop during the fillings to help you open. You can take Ibuprofen ahead of time to help keep your muscles relaxed (recall that it has an onset time of about a half hour). As mentioned, you can massage, etc. after treatment.

The best way to support jaw issues is a thorough exam to determine WHY you are clenching/grinding. There are great dentists who can evaluate if you have sleep apnea which can increase grinding/clenching EVEN IF YOU BELIEVE IT'S FROM STRESS. If it's more than stress, you then will need other appliances than a traditional nightguard. See information on Dr. Steven Olmos and others that assess and treat these issues. Also, there are some simple tools you can use to destress and manage your pain.

Vasant Ramlaggan

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AACD - American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
ADA - American Dental Association
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DOCS - Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation
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