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  • Takes Time to Listen: 94%
  • Communicates Well: 94%
  • Recommendable: 100%
  • Average Wait Time: 5 minutes

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  • Takes Time to Listen: 94%
  • Communicates Well: 94%
  • Recommendable: 100%
  • Average Wait Time: 5 minutes
  • "Straight to the point. They ask you what you want. They give you their expert opinion on what you need. They talk you threw each procedure. The price was very fair. They treat you like family and very caring."

  • "What an awesome experience for my two girls, age 9 and 11.
    They have had previous cleaning and basic x-rays through a different dentist. Of which they were not happy with and really did not are to visit a NEW Dentist today. I was very skeptical and unsure how the visit will turn out.

    Well, both girls came out ALL SMILES and later told us it was a great visit. We will definitely return. Thank you, Dr. Qureshi and Staff for making them smile :)

  • "Well, to start I am 6'2" tall and about 200lbs. and I have always been afraid of Dentists. Dr. Qureshi did everything he could to help know that everything was going to be okay. He did such I good job, that I wish I could afford to get the rest of the work done sometime soon. I now don't have so much of a hesitation to be in his chair, I just don't have the funds to get the great work I know he would do. I cannot believe that it took over 35 years to find a dentist that I WANT to go to."

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the tooth is numbed before we do any work. the pain from the shot is minimal.we use the drill and some hand instruments.

Naghman Qureshi

Education & Credentials

University of Miami
Loyola University
UF - University of Florida
NU - Northwestern University
WRAMC - Walter Reed Army Medical Center
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    Conway Dental Care | Naghman Qureshi | Dentist | Orlando, FL


    Q: What got you into this specific practice of dentistry?
    A:  I became interested in dentistry in high school when I realized that I always wanted to: work closely with my patients, create healthy and beautiful smiles, and be successful.

    Q: What landed you in your city, and what is it that you...
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  • A short survey filled by one of our many happy patients!

    1.What influenced you to choose our office? I'm a patient here!
    2.Were you concerned that your problem was getting worse without care? YES.
    3.What were the factors that led you to seek care? A lot of pain!
    4.If you were in pain or discomfort was your concerns addressed? YES!
    5.Was the facility to...
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  • A review from a happy patient!

    I had implants done and the doctor and his assistants were wonderful and very patient with me. I will recommend Dr. Qureshi to anyone at any time! Thank you Doc!!