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  • Takes Time to Listen: 100%
  • Communicates Well: 100%
  • Recommendable: 100%
  • Average Wait Time: 3 minutes

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  • Takes Time to Listen: 100%
  • Communicates Well: 100%
  • Recommendable: 100%
  • Average Wait Time: 3 minutes
  • "Always a pleasure to visit Dr. Vatan's office. "

  • "It was quick and easy getting my regular cleaning. My mouth felt fresh and clean. Staff was polite and the gygenist was wonderful."

    Unverified Review Jan 23, 2013
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    "This was my first appointment with Dr. Vatan. The work was more extensive than we had hoped although within the scope that Dr. Vatan had outlined as possible. As a result it took much longer than anticipated. Dr. Vatan never seemed rushed or agitated by the extra time it took. He continued to explain what was happening and why it was taking so long. The extra unscheduled time must have been very hard for the office to accommodate but no one complained or seemed hurried. At the end the appointment ran into my next meeting and I needed to hurry. The office was fantastically cooperative with getting me done as fast as possible without compromising care. For example, Monica had all the paperwork printed and ready to go. It was as good an experience as a four hour dental appointment can be."

    Unverified Review Jul 29, 2013

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Although permanent retainers ensure that your teeth don't move they do promote build up which leads to gum inflammation and possible bone loss on a long-term basis. I recommend removable retainers or a night guard to all my patients after orthodontic services so that hygiene is not compromised. No shifting of teeth will occur with the right type of removable retainer or night guard

Omid Vatan

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USC - University of Southern California School of Dentistry
ADA - American Dental Association
CDA - California Dental Association
LADS - Los Angeles Dental Society