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    From the 210 Freeway

    Exit Buena Vista St. and head North (toward the Mountains)

    Approximately 1/8th of a mile turn left onto the property.

    Park in the rear.

    Street Route from Pasadena

    Continue east on Huntington Drive or east on Colorodo Blvd until it merges with Huntington Drive at the Santa Anita Race Track in Arcadia, CA

    Continue east on Huntington Drive into the city of Duarte

    Make a right (south) on Buena Vista St. (Two traffic lights after crossing Mountain Ave.)

    Then make a right onto the property.

    Park in the rear.

    Street Route From Azusa

    Travel west on Route 66 (Alosta Ave) until it merges with Foothill Blvd

    Continue west on Foothill Blvd until it becomes Huntington Blvd (at Encanto Park in Duarte, CA)

    Make a left (south) on Buena Vista St in Duarte

    Then a right onto the property.

    Park in the rear.
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Office Message

MIMPC is a general medical practice with an online urgent care. We specialize in chronic disease screenings, health evaluations and treatment of minor ailments which need urgent care. It is our goal to prevent or prolong the onset of disease with early intervention and education as well as treat disease efficiently and affordably. Our occupational and administrative health evaluations include DOT/commercial driver physicals, immigration medical evaluations, sports physicals, and disability assessments. In our ZIPClinix, We treat and screen adults age 18 and older either in our office in Duarte, CA or online at Anyone can order their own lab work, book their own appointment, visit our doctor remotely via webcam, download forms, upload their medical records and refill their medications via our ZIPClinix. Visit today to see how easy caring for your health can be.

About Dr. Sargeant

MIMPC was realized in the fall of 2010 and is the vision of Dr. Ulin Sargeant, a Yale-trained internist and expert in the care and management of chronic diseases particularly in underserved, financially challenged patients. With a formal education in public health law and healthcare access from Boston University, Dr. Sargeant has applied her unique knowledge to create a medical service that delivers efficient, highly focused evidence-based care conducted by exceptionally trained world-class providers. It is her core belief that the affordability of top-quality healthcare lies within compartmentalizing services. She calls this concept “menuizing” where patients may select clearly described and itemized medical services available from a “menu” offered with affordable transparent pricing. This concept is at the heart of MIMPC and has thus far proven to lower the barriers to care.

Dr. Sargeant is a visionary and an innovator in the ever-growing field of medical service access and tele-health. She is one of the few pioneers in this corner of medicine and shows promise in changing existing conventions in the way healthcare is delivered.

Dr. Sargeant speaks Spanish and welcomes a wide spectrum of patients. She specializes in chronic disease detection and management such as Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension, and Heart Disease as well as preventive care in adults including the elderly. Her approach to the practice of health care is unique in that she has encompassed telemedicine encounters and house call services in her practice on an affordable scale for the self-pay patient for over 12 years. She has captured the essence of health-care delivery by incorporating these key approaches to care in MIMPC. Like the mission of MIMPC, it is Dr. Sargeant’s goal to keep all of her patients in the very best health they can achieve while providing empathetic, caring, yet efficient, focused and affordable evidence-based medicine.

Meningitis is an infection of the meninges (the membranes covering the brain and spinal chord) that is usually caused by a bacteria or virus. There are certain conditions, such as diabetes or autoimmune diseases, which are genetic and can increase your chances for getting an infection. But meningitis itself is not genetically transmissible. If you're certain that your father developed his nerve disorders after a bout with meningitis, then you should not worry yourself about developing these same disorders genetically.

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--Dr. Sarge
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