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    "I have been to many dentist's in my time but never has anyone of them achieved the level or status that I give Arlene's office on professionalism, friendliness, cleanliness,up to date equipment and most of all comfortability. Most times a trip to the dentist's office is one filled with dread, but with Arlene's office it actually is one I not only enjoy but look forward to. Seems strange to say one like's going to the dentist but with the staff and facility that Arlene has at her disposal there is nothing one can expect less off. Top notch staff from the hygienist, the office receptionist's to of course Arlene herself. Arlene's Office is a model that all dental facilities should emulate in my personal opinion it just doesn't get any better than this. A total pleasure to be serviced by such a friendly and caring staff that go out of their way to ensure that you are well taken care of."

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    "Very pleased with my experience with Dr Messer. She truly does care about you and your comfort. She is aware of any discomfort you may be having, and does her best to adress it. The facility is beautiful and modern. They spare no expense for your comfort."

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    "Excellent. Extremely knowledgeable and friendly staff, efficiently run office with modern facility and equipment. My only negative is that they like to up-sell non-necessities like mouth guards and teeth whitenings. But, they don't use high-pressure sales tactics, and accept 'no' as an answer."

Cold sensitivity after dental treatment is common, actually. Does it hurt when you bite down? Or only when something cold touches the tooth? While the discomfort generally subsides, you may want to see your dentist to check you "bite". This means using something similar to carbon paper to see if there are any places on the surface of the new filling that are not contoured properly. When your bite is "too high", it feels like the filling is too big and interfering with your bite. You can sometimes tell if things are out of balance by biting together and observing the side opposite to where you had the dental work. Do the teeth come together comfortably, or do you have to shift your jaw to make them fit together?

Another thing that may be happening is nighttime clenching and grinding. Your already sensitive and inflamed teeth are only going to feel worse if they are being traumatized at night. The treatment for this is a nightguard, which your dentist can make for you.

This issues is something worth discussing with your dentist to make sure you have a chance to heal after your restorations.

Arlene Messer


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Before & After Gallery | Arlene Messer | Dentist | Rochester, NY

Before & After

Before & After Gallery | Arlene Messer | Dentist | Rochester, NY

Before & After

Before & After Gallery | Arlene Messer | Dentist | Rochester, NY

Before & After

Before & After Gallery | Arlene Messer | Dentist | Rochester, NY

Before & After

Before & After Gallery | Arlene Messer | Dentist | Rochester, NY

Before & After

Education & Credentials

LVI - Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies
NYU - New York University College of Dentistry
AAOP - American Academy of Orofacial Pain
AACD - American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
ADA - American Dental Association
HDA - Holistic Dental Association
IAOMT - International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology
NYSDA - New York State Dental Association
AGD - Academy of General Dentistry
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Dr. Arlene Messer

Office | Arlene Messer | Dentist | Rochester, NY


  • About the Dentist

    Messer pic | Arlene Messer | Dentist | Rochester, NY

    A native of New York City, Dr. Messer received her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree in 1984 from New York University College of Dentistry. Her passion for dentistry drove her to seek post-graduate education that would allow her to provide patients with the kind of high-quality care she knew they...
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    If you are not satisfied with your teeth and need an instant smile makeover, Lumineers may be for you. Similar to traditional veneers, Lumineers are made of exceptionally thin porcelain and applied directly to the unprepared tooth. Unlike conventional porcelain veneers, where the patient’s...
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