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405 Lexington Ave, Suite 6906
New York NY 10174

Phone: (212) 697-4400

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The Chrysler Building.

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"I was very satisfied with the experience. I have been to many dentists and usually hate going to one. Dr. Makhnevich did very extensive work with great cosmetic results. Very pleasant professional staff"

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Unverified Review May 09, 2012

"Avoid at all costs"

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Unverified Review March 01, 2012

"I think its the same person posting all those negative reviews on the same day. That same person cant really spell and supposedly is from the west coast.
I think Dr Stacy is most excellent. People complain about the price. If you want cheap dentistry, go to a dental school. Dr Stacy has a practice in Midtown Manhattan so its obviously going to be a bit more expensive. I think Dr Stacy is an outstanding dentist.

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Unverified Review January 10, 2012