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405 Lexington Ave, Suite 6906
New York NY 10174

Phone: (212) 697-4400

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    "I was very satisfied with the experience. I have been to many dentists and usually hate going to one. Dr. Makhnevich did very extensive work with great cosmetic results. Very pleasant professional staff"

    Unverified Review May 09, 2012
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    "Avoid at all costs"

    Unverified Review Mar 01, 2012
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    "I think its the same person posting all those negative reviews on the same day. That same person cant really spell and supposedly is from the west coast.
    I think Dr Stacy is most excellent. People complain about the price. If you want cheap dentistry, go to a dental school. Dr Stacy has a practice in Midtown Manhattan so its obviously going to be a bit more expensive. I think Dr Stacy is an outstanding dentist.

    Unverified Review Jan 10, 2012