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    • "I can’t express with words how grateful I am to Dr. Rian Maercks . He saved my life and showed true concern something you don’t see nowadays.
      I had gluteal implants in South America when on vacation, it had been almost 2 months from the surgery, then suddenly one day I woke up and had extreme pain on one of the implants. It was swollen and felt hot to the touch and I had fever was dizzy and vomiting. It seemed my blood pressure went so low that I felt like passing out and my condition started deteriorating.
      I called several plastic surgeons and explained my case but they all closed their doors at me. They stated that they could not take my case because of insurance purposes since it was a complication to a surgery performed outside the country.
      Until I came across Dr. Rian Maercks who was willing to help me, he showed genuine concern from the beginning and an interest to help me. He was honest and told me the implant would most likely need to be removed. However he said if possible would try to save it.
      He admitted me to the hospital without wasting any time. I entered as a direct admit through the ER and Dr. Maercks followed up every step of the way. He even gave me his cellular number and told me not to hesitate and call him if I felt worst. He also called me to see how I was doing.
      After having a CT scan, lab work and lab results were available Dr. Maercks called me to inform me that the implant would need to be removed the following day at 9:30 am. However thanks to his interest and concern he was constantly calling the hospital to follow up on my condition and noticed I was getting worst. Therefore he showed up approximately at 3:30 am for emergency surgery. He was worried that the infection could start entering my bloodstream that the outcome could be fatal.
      Yet when I entered the OR the anesthesiologist refused to administer IV or general anesthesia because I had eaten 4 hours earlier. Dr. Maercks stated that the surgery could not wait because the infection could go into my bloodstream and if that happened the consequences would be devastating . He told me that he would inject me with local anesthesia and that he would remove the implant. I was scared and initially refused. I did not want to be awake during surgery because of a previous traumatizing experience. However Dr. Maercks assured me I was in good hands and that I would not feel any pain not even the anesthesia injections. The confidence he gave me made me accept his proposal.
      The Dr. was just wonderful, I did not feel any pain at all and it seemed he had magical hands. I did not feel the implant coming out when Dr. Maercks told me it was out. As soon as that happened he washed and disinfected the area and I immediately felt much better. He knows how to make one feel comfortable and secure and he is such a great humane person who has passion for what he does and is good at it.
      I am so thankful to Dr. Rian Maercks that words are not enough to show my gratitude and if it was not for him I would not be writing this review. I been to many plastic surgeons and I never wrote a review before but I feel that people need to be aware that this in an excellent Dr. the type you no longer see these days. I would highly recommend him.
      Thank you Dr. Maercks.

    • "I had a fantastic experience. Dr. Maercks is an artist. He made me feel very comfortable. I would recommend him to all of my friends and associates."

    • "I highly recommend Dr. Maercks - he was highly professional and what great hands - did not feel one pinch and the outcome was exactly what I was looking for. I had done Botox several times in the past but this time I got exactly what I was looking for - a relaxed, fresh look. Thank you again Dr. Maercks. "

    • "I have nothing but praise for Dr. Maercks. My treatment and results were perfect. I had my procedure 1 week ago and I look and feel great."

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      "Hey everyone :) I never write reviews, but I am writing one today in regards to a procedure I had with Dr. Rian Maercks. I had been searching for a Doctor FOREVER, who does labia MAJORA surgery as every one does minora. So I am happy to announce that you don't need to look any further because he is literally the most talented artist ever.
      I have never in my life had such a wonderful experience with a plastic surgeon and I feel like it's my duty to share this information because I know how scary it is when choosing your doctor because you so badly want to make the right choice. Dr maercks is absolutely amazing, I'm the kind of person that panics and has anxiety and I did not experience that in the hands of Dr. Maercks. I got my procedure done this morning and almost cried when I looked at the results with my mirror at the beautiful results. He has changed my self image and I now have more confidence than I ever have in my life. I had done a procedure with another surgeon a couple years ago and had bad results, I was so sad at the money spent but more so just so disappointed it just sucked and that's not a fun thing to go through, so of course I was even more nervous because Dr. Maercks had to fix the other surgeons work as well as what we had initially planned on doing.
      I prayed all morning for the procedure to go well and for a good result, and the result was far beyond what I could have imagined. Dr. Maercks went above and beyond for me and I am SO grateful. On top of that his staff is amazing, Obadiah helped prep me and was amazing and kind and put me completely at ease. They both helped me to have a seriously perfect and smooth experience from the moment I walked through the door until after I left and more. If anyone is looking to have a procedure done that you have been considering for years, trust me when I say you are in the best hands with Dr. Maercks and you will be so happy you chose him. I feel beautiful and sexy again and I'm SO freaking thankful he was my surgeon, I truly don't think anyone else could have given me such beautiful results. Thank you Dr. Maercks for changing my life and helping me and everything you did for me. I am so happy and pleased, I don't even have the right words!!!! ☺️ SO HAPPY

      Unverified Review Jun 14, 2016
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      "Forewarning, this is a VERY long review. After two years of being a patient and multiple procedures, I wanted to share all of it. How I came to the decision to have plastic surgery, how I came to choose Dr. Maercks & every piece of information I could provide about the procedures, recovery & results of his work.

      Almost two years ago I found myself approaching 40 & getting divorced, because my husband was cheating on me.  After picking myself up off the floor (literally), I sat down & started planning a whole new life for myself. All the things I use to fantasize about: travel the world, meeting stimulating, fascinating & well cultured men (my ex's idea of a big event night out was a football game), network with interesting & successful people whom I could do business with & learn from. All things I knew I had the intelligence, drive and ability to make happen, on the inside.  Problem was, when I really looked in the mirror, I no longer had the makings on the outside, to make it happen. 

      No part of my aged, gaunt & sallow face, my sagging breasts and my thighs that looked glued together, were going to open any doors for me.  They weren't going to catch a well bred, cultured, handsome gentleman's eye across a room at a charity gala, or a museum.  As sad as it is to write that, it is a fact. In our society 99% of first encounters & experiences between men and women stem from an attraction; and fact was I looked like an average 40 year old woman, who was not stopping any cars in the street. And the competition! Living in Miami you find perfectly shaped, beautiful young 20 & 30 something's, with the sexual allure of magazine models on every block! How could I possibly compete? How could I get my confidence back? 

      There was only one answer. I was going to take the leap to undergo plastic surgery, and attempt to turn the clock back. Once I'd come to this resolution, I started asking my three close friends who'd had surgery about their surgeons. Two had used the same Doctor for their breasts. They let me see them and both looked like a very nice set of fake breasts. Two tennis balls stretched across their chests, with skin pulled so tight, they didn't move at all. They looked like what I knew and expected fake breasts to look like & I convinced myself that while they looked fake, they certainly didn't sag & that was good enough for me, so I had a consultation (very old office, tons of people waiting, coming and going like a factory & a full nine minutes with the Doctor), and scheduled my surgery based on my friend's recommendations. 

      It was during this time that I started thinking about other parts of your body that show your age. And it hit me. My vagina. The most feminine part of us at our core. As we age the skin becomes loose, saggy & brown. It is not the pretty pink look you have in your 20's...but maybe it could be? That's when I started to really do my due diligence and properly research top plastic surgeons in Miami. For two weeks I poured over every review, researched educations, medical degrees & board certifications, consulted with doctors and thoroughly examined before & after photos, and all of that research eventually brought me to the doorstep of The Maercks Institute, for a consult. 

      From the moment I walked in the door, I knew things were different. The sleek, modern and beautifully furnished office, with the gorgeous receptionist offering me a cappuccino & biscotti was straight out of Nip Tuck. When the doctor came out to greet me right away (no waiting!), he was poised, polite & charming, and swiftly ushered me into a large, private lounge-room to begin. Based on the procedure I was looking to have done (labiaplasty), I was extremely uneasy from the beginning, including when I called to make the appointment. At that time, the doctor actually called me back personally to begin discussing my needs. He understood my requirement of complete discretion, booked the appointment himself and had cleared his calendar and office to ensure I had complete privacy while I was there. 

      Please understand, even though I'd done the research and made the appointment, I was in no-way 'sold' on the idea of getting the procedure done. Quite the opposite. Everything I'd read and everyone else I spoke to explained the procedure as cutting the excess labia off, not to mention the weeks of painful recovery, burning when urinating & no sex for at least two months. The idea of being cut 'down there' was something I really didn't think I could go thru with. It sounded torturous. It was during my consult w/ Dr. Maercks, that all my worst fears were allayed. First off, he doesn't cut anything. He created his own procedure that involved using my own fat cells, folding the excess labia down and exposing two perfectly pink lips, held down by two simple stitches. My recovery would be a week, w/ pain dissipating each day and it would not hurt for me to urinate. 

      I knew then that I had found my doctor for this most important procedure, on my most important body part. As we started to discuss surgery dates, I told him I was scheduled in a few months to have my breasts done by another doctor. He knew of the other doctor, and asked what I thought of my consult experience with him. It was then as I looked around this magnificently professional office, the doctor taking time and effort to speak with me, make me feel comfortable and informed about my procedure that I realized how shoddy & unprofessional the other practice had been. And that was before I saw the exclusive procedure Dr. Maercks created to augment breasts. No tennis ball, tight, motionless breasts. Perfect teardrop, full-motion, bouncing beautiful breasts that look like the best set of natural breasts you could ever imagine. I saw the slew of photos of botched jobs and fake-looking breasts that he fixed, and immediately decided to cancel my other surgery and do both procedures w/ him at the same time. 

      As we were about to start talking
      about scheduling I noticed he was looking all around my face, as if he were examining it. When I questioned him he said, 'I'm looking at your face and imagining the things I could do to it, and how incredible it would make you look'. Now at this point, I was oblivious to how gaunt & sallow my face had become. I'd lost 23 pounds in 15 days (divorce diet), and didn't see the sun for almost three straight weeks. I told him, 'I appreciated his concern, but I get Botox regularly & just wasn't looking my best due to those circumstances, but all in all my face was fine'. He begged to differ and started explaining what a perfect candidate I'd be for fat-graphing to my face. He explained the process which included lipo suction (in my case from my hips), and then injecting the fat into the parts of my face that showed my age.

      I was adamant that all facial plastic surgery I'd seen was like something out of The Housewives, completely obvious & unnatural, and couldn't imagine looking like that. He explained that it would be my own cells vs. synthetic fillers and he whole-heartedly knew he could bring back what I looked like ten years prior. Not unnatural, simply refreshed and he could promise I wouldn't look like I'd had surgery. He could do it at the same time I was under for the other surgeries. Including the lipo, I was looking at four different was the scariest decision I'd ever have to make. Trusting this man w/ ALL of the most important parts of me-face, breasts and vag. Everything he told me, all the information he shared with me about each procedure & his demeanor convinced me in my gut that I could trust him. 

      So I took the leap and said, 'how soon can you do it? I'm ready now and it want it scheduled immediately for the first available moment you have. This week? Next?', to which he said the most shocking & extraordinary thing he possibly could've that completely convinced me he was the right choice. He said, 'Ok, wait a moment please. You have just gone through a traumatic, life-changing situation w/ your divorce drama. I do not want you rushing into something that you may be deciding on rashly, or aren't psychologically ready for'. I was flabbergasted. Here I was asking for his services and he was more concerned w/ my psychological well-being than agreeing to take my case. As it happened, I'd already been seeing a psychologist and Dr. Maercks agreed to do the surgery only if that doctor signed off on it. Luckily for me, he did. 

      Surgery day was nerve-racking to say the least, but all of the staff helped put me at ease, from the anesthesiologist taking a thorough medical history from me and explaining his superior credentials and vast experience, to the RN assisting the doctor who was very calm and soothing, and helped me work through my anxiousness. Best of all? Dr. Maercks. He was so kind, professional and informative about everything we were doing, how long it would take, and I could already see an example of what his bed-side manner was going to be. Sure enough, I woke up in recovery w/ him gleefully smiling over me, informing me everything had been a huge success and was even better than he'd envisioned. He reiterated what he'd told me to expect regarding recovery: pain and for how long ('by day six you'll feel world's better'. I also want to note here that there is an additional special three-day lasting pain-killing anesthetic that you can agree to prior to surgery to have added while under. I did and it was the best decision), pain management ('it will lessen each day, you have prescribed painkillers and allotted doses, to get you through the week.'  I stopped using them by day three), and the timeline of understanding what to expect w/ my face (ten days). The facial expectation was extremely important. He said ten days and he meant ten days. While my face didn't have any pain, it was considerably swollen and bruised. Considerably! 

      Starting just hours after I'd left his office, Dr. Maercks called, texted and checked- in on me repeatedly. He even called my caretaker directly, when I'd fallen asleep and not responded to him. He proceeded to do this type of check-in and follow-up multiple times throughout the next week. He was adamant about me calling him at ANY hour of the day or night, if I needed anything. It was the best possible after-care a person could possibly receive, if not recovering in a hospital. 

      For five days I sat and slept in my rented comfy lazy-boy type medical chair, w/ an automatic remote that sat me down & gently brought me to a standing position, w/ absolutely no pain or difficulty. I highly recommend renting one for a week. Lying down and getting up from /to a standing position put significant strain on my chest and on my hips, which were bruised from the lipo.  The sitting position also helped me hold the frozen bags of peas I had nestled between my legs, resting on my vagina. I only had to use those for two days. Of all the procedures I had done, the labiaplasty was the easiest and resulted in the least amount of pain. I was urinating immediately after surgery (Dr. Maercks required me to go before I left his office, to ensure no complications), w/ no burning and walking around w/ no irritation. 

      Over these five days, I must've looked in a mirror 100 times. Each time looking for some sign that the swelling was going down & the bruising was subsiding. And each time over those five days I saw only the swelling and bruising get worse. I was petrified. I looked like I'd gone ten rounds w/ Mike Tyson, all directed at my face. My face was in no pain, but no part of me looked like myself and I was completely convinced I was going to look like Quasimodo forever. So much so that when I went to Dr. Maercks office for my five-day follow-up, I cried & cried to him about how bad I looked. He couldn't have been more calm, rational and reassuring. He held my hand and said, 'I promise you, everything you see happening here is supposed to happen. There is nothing on your face that gives me any concern, in fact I can already see that it's going to look amazing. Please remember what I told you. Ten days. Give it ten days before you can expect to start to see the results. Ten days and the bruising and swelling will have subsided enough for you to put makeup on and go out in public w/ no problem. Two weeks and you'll see the results you're looking for'. 

      He was 100% spot on. Day ten I went to a Heat game w/ a bit of a swollen face & makeup, day 15 my friends were astounded. My face looked like I use to look when I was 28 years old, my vagina looked like an 18 year old, and I had a body that was straight out of a swimsuit catalog (albeit still bruised from the lipo, but completely pain free).  Holy s#%t! I never in my wildest dreams expected to look this good. Dr. Maercks saw me in a way I couldn't (he also studied art), and instinctively knew what his skilled hands and talent could bring out in me, and achieved it plus so much more. 

      Over the next ten months, I enjoyed all life has to offer. I sold everything, traveled the world, met fascinating people, hiked mountain tops and canyons, partied on yachts, went to gala's & tried everything you could imagine that I'd never have done in my previous life...and yes, my appearance opened the doors to all aspects of this. Once I returned, I went back to Dr. Maercks for a photo follow-up (he wanted to use my before and after's), and while there we started discussing my wildly-successful vaginal surgery (I'd now had the opportunity to show off my results to a gentleman & was thrilled w/ his reaction, especially exciting was that he was completely unaware there had been any work done to it.), and I asked him about the 'g-spot enhancement procedure' that had been mentioned for a second many months ago. 

      What was it really? What did it do? He explained much like what he'd done w/ my face and vaginal lips, he'd take my own fat cells and inject them inside my g-spot to swell it, making it more attainable to hit. He would also inject fat around the lining of my vaginal walls to swell them and make my vagina tighter. At this point I confided to him that I'd never had a vaginal orgasm. He told me of multiple married couples whose marriages he'd saved, that still call him on their anniversaries thanking him after having these procedures, and he felt confident he could help make that goal obtainable for me. 

      I was HIGHLY intrigued, especially when we started to discuss where he would pull the fat from.  He was going to correct my last problem area, complete my 'wish list' so to speak...he was going to pull it from the inside (and outside) of my thighs to help me achieve a 'thigh gap', that based on my body structure, no amount of working out would ever be able accomplish. Now knowing him, his talent and abilities, I didn't hesitate. I found myself excited for the day of surgery & ended up thrilled beyond belief w/ the results. I achieved all that I was hoping for, and more! My g-spot is now swollen enough to hit w/ out difficulty & based on the intense pleasure that is derived from it, I would've paid ten times the cost. While I personally can't physically try out how the swollen vaginal walls feel to a man, I can tell you it was reported to me that it was 'the tightest vagina he'd ever tried and felt like he was inside a sea of pillows'! Success! 18 year old vagina achieved outside AND inside! A thigh gap that actually displays and accentuates my inside thigh muscle that I'd never even seen before. Best money spent. Best doctor to trust with your body with hands down. Can't recommend him highly enough (but can certainly write long enough about him!). I hope this review helps you make an informed decision & if you'd like to speak to me personally about anything written here Dr. Maercks can call me directly with you, during your consult. Good luck.

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      "Excellent results from my upper and lower blepharoplasty performed four years ago; Went back last month for some fillers for a bit of maintenance; Beautiful facility and wonderful service"

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      "I came into Dr. Rian A. Maercks' The Maercks Institute along with a family member not intending to have any work done, however after seeing his before and after pictures of his excellent technique of facial balancing I was very impressed which immediately led me to have work done by him. I can honestly say that he is worth the trip out of town for facial balancing and a non-surgical nose augmentation. It literally looks like I had a natural nose job and I couldn't be happier with the results! After years of contemplating a nose job I have finally found my solution and that is with Dr. Maercks' excellent technique! Make the trip to see him, you certainly won't regret it--he is very thorough, takes time with the patient, and his 2 assistants that were working along side him (Karolina and Jessica) were genuine, caring, and went beyond what I expected to make me feel at ease prior to the procedures. Karolina even went far enough to give me her own snacks to ease my anxiety prior to my procedure which actually wasn't bad at all. Give Dr. Maercks' a visit...he has skill. Period. "

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      "I came into Dr. Rian A. Maercks' The Maercks Institute along with a family member not intending to have any work done, however after seeing his before and after pictures of his excellent technique of facial balancing I was very impressed which immediately led me to have work done by him. I can honestly say that he is worth the trip out of town for facial balancing and a non-surgical nose augmentation. It literally looks like I had a natural nose job and I couldn't be happier with the results! After years of contemplating a nose job I have finally found my solution and that is with Dr. Maercks' excellent technique! Make the trip to see him, you certainly won't regret it--he is very thorough, takes time with the patient, and his 2 assistants that were working along side him (Karolina and Jessica) were genuine, caring, and went beyond what I expected to make me feel at ease prior to the procedures. Karolina even went far enough to give me her own snacks to ease my anxiety prior to my procedure which actually wasn't bad at all. Give Dr. Maercks' a visit...he has skill. Period. "

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      "LOVE LOVE LOVE Dr Maercks! I am 100% satisfied with my experience and the resuslts. Do not hesitate to make an appointment."

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      "I was referred to Dr. Maercks by a friend of mine who was very pleased with his work. I received HA fillers and I must say, I am elated with the outcome!

      We have all seen people who look like they have "had work done." So I was always nervous that receiving fillers in high-volume would make me look different. That was not the case with Dr. Maercks. I do not look like I have had any work done, I just look like a refreshed younger version of myself.

      I absolutely love his work and I cannot recommend him enough!

      Oh, one last thing... Ask him about what he calls a liquid rhinoplasty... It's the best kept secret I'm Miami!

      Unverified Review Sep 17, 2014
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      "I first heard about Doctor Rian Maercks when my fiancé gave me a magazine called Miami (the beauty issue) to check out the restaurants, shops etc while we were staying in Miami. I was very impressed with Dr Maercks interview, I did some research on his work and I was hooked, his cosmetic work looked so natural and beautiful. I had previously messed around with Botox and fillers and hated the look, it didn't look at all natural and I became very self-conscious I didn't look like me a little fake looking, thankfully nearly a year later most of it wore off but still not quite all the filler…. I booked an appointment with the stunning Nicole who was and is extremely helpful, warm, friendly and professional.. Doctor Maercks immediately picked up that I had previously had filler and knew exactly what was wrong with my look, I wasn't balanced, my cheeks slightly over powered the rest of my face.. MEET the modern day Michelangelo Buonarroti, Doctor Maercks an artist before becoming in my honest opinion the best cosmetic surgeon there is on this planet and I have seen a fair few to know, no contest at all, he totally transformed my face to complete near perfection, I was blown away, overwhelmed and cried with joy when he gave me a mirror to see my face, I look like a much younger me, symmetrical, well balanced with amazing cheekbones and my face is now so natural looking you would never know that I have had any work done, I am so very happy I could burst! Thank you Doctor Rian Marecks for giving me back my confidence you are not only a genius and a perfectionist but you really do care for your patients too. I will highly recommend Doctor Maercks to all my friends and anyone interested in having any kind of work done or work corrected!

      Unverified Review Aug 21, 2013
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      "Dr. Rian A. Maercks performed a phallosplasty procedure, and I could not be happier. The method in which he uses with no cutting to your goods, is reassuring since it would not mess with the natural way of my penis working. I can tell you that Dr Maerckss is very personal with his patients and that was also very reassuring.Once I had the procedure done, at first I have to be honest here, the penis looks very swollen and kind of not natural looking, I was very afraid that I would remain in that state, but Dr Maercks advised me that it was mostly swelling and that the body needed to heal. Sure enough in a week, two weeks and so on, My Penis was looking normal and natural except of course with more girth and I actually had something in my pants, which was what I wanted and I now have way more self confidence and my penis is doing great. When erect it also is bigger in size, and it performs awesome, if anybody is worried about performance or how it looks, it works just as before and looks normal. As I stated before initially after the surgery before all the swelling goes down you will probably question yourself if it will stay that way, but trust me the swelling goes away and you are left with Dr Maercks wonderful work. Well worth it, nice office and I was approved for financing in the office too. I recommend if anybody is thinking of having this done to go ahead and consult Dr Maercks. It is totally worth it."

      Unverified Review Apr 08, 2013
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      "Let me start by saying WOW DR. MAERCKS YOU ROCK! I have had many different procedures with Dr. Maercks and I am so incredibly happy with my results. I have had my entire face balanced with juvederm. I am so impressed with the results, so subtle and natural. My entire face is now in harmony. I have also had fat grafting to the breasts which has given me shape and the curve I have always wanted plus the added bonus of liposuction and body sculpting to the donor site! It was completely painless and overall a fun experience. Very happy in a bikini now! I have also had skin tightening of the thigh and buttocks area which I love! It made such a huge difference in the quality of my skin and the changes were instant. I look and feel beautiful!! Thank you Dr. Maercks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're the best :)"

      Unverified Review Jan 02, 2013
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      "Dr. Maercks is a great surgeon and meticulous in his taking the time to listen to your concerns and then offering suggestions on what options to take. I trust him completely.
      Marie, his assistant, is also a huge asset to his practice.

      Unverified Review Apr 06, 2012
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      "I'm very pleased and happy with the results of my recent procedure, Dr. Maercks is great! He really listens to you and takes the time to explain and answers all of your questions. Love the fact that you are always treated the same since your first visit. "

      Unverified Review Apr 06, 2012
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      " I was so fortunate to find myself in the hands of such an artistically talented, caring and highly skilled surgeon. In this city with so many different options, I wouldn't go anywhere else. The more crucial and delicate you needs might be, the more I urge you to seek care from Dr. Maercks. "

      Unverified Review Mar 21, 2012
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      "I am very pleased with Dr. Maercks and his staff. The entire experience has been beyond my expectations."

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      "Overall, my experience with Dr. Maercks has been GREAT! From the moment I walked into Dr. Maercks' office for my consultation, I knew that he'd be the doctor to change my life for ever. He immediately knew exactly what I wanted without me even saying much. 3 hours of work by Dr. Maercks has changed my entire life. He was extremely attentive since the moment I left the hospital after my surgery, during my recovery process (when a patient needs their doctor the most). I feel extremely comfortable with Dr. Maercks and would not think twice about undergoing any other cosmetic procedure with him in the future. His work was so miraculous that after two weeks, when I went for my post surgery check up I told him that I was concerned because I felt a lump on my hip that I've never felt before, He begins to laugh and responds "Sweetie, that's your bone!". In conclusion I'd just have to say that I'm glad I chose Dr. Maercks as my surgeon and will recommend him to anyone with my eyes closed."

      Unverified Review Apr 07, 2011
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      "This was my first time being injected with Botox and/or a filler (Juvederm XC) and I'm thrilled with my results! I will not allow anyone else to touch my face with a needle....and for the record I hate needles. If you think all "injectors" are created equal, you are mistaken! And I beg you to read this before you decide to get injected. If you think you can go to the cheapest deal in town, you will be disappointed or you will never know how good you really can look with injectables. My friends and family are envious of my results. Some physicans tell their patients they use Botox, but they're using another product. It's crazy out there, so listen up!

      I came to Dr. Maercks' with the intention to have him improve lines on my forehead, crow's feet, and a run-away line extending from under my eye whenever I smile. Before meeting Dr. Maercks, I spoke to and researched many other injectors in the area regarding my imperfections I was looking to improve. I'm in my 30's so it was important to me that I receive a natural look....I didn't want to loose my unique facial expressions and didn't want to look "overly" done with that plastic look you see often in Miami. I wanted to look fresh and stay on top of my early signs of aging. I chose Dr. Maercks to be my life-time injector because he was the only one who discussed with me the "art" of injecting. Honestly, I thought any physican could iron out a line or add a little fill to needed areas....especially after talking to so many doctors. The combination of Dr. Maercks' artistic eye and ability, his knowledge and experience as a plastic surgeon (knowing first hand the true functions of muscle, skin, and nerves since he touches all of them in surgery), and his passion for the work he does is what makes Dr. Maercks different from everyone else.
      Dr. Maercks listened to my concerns and expectations. Afterwards he made me look in a mirror, with him behind me, and asked me to point out the areas I was talking about. While I had a mirror in front of me, I went on to describe how my lips are little and thin but I wasn't interested in big overdone Miami lips....also talked about my big nose....and how I needed an eyebrow wax because I was loosing my arch. Dr. Maercks then told me how he could add volume to my lips for a natural yet sexy look, make my nose look smaller and more proportional to my face structure (without getting a nose job), and how he can give me an eyebrow arch without wax. He also noticed my cheeks were very thin. I shared with him that I lost some weight which caused that sucked-in cheek look. Dr. Maercks went into full details about how he could improve all the above with Botox and Juvederm. The one thing I was very nervous about were my lips! I told him I would hate my lips if he injected them because I didn't think injected lips could look natural....but his knowledge made me trust him.

      I was in for the ride and allowed him to go to work.

      Think of Dr. Maercks as the Thomas Kinkade of plastic surgeons. He improved my imperfections using Botox and Juvederm by changing the way the light hits my me a fresh look. He created the illusion that my nose is thinner....I look younger because my cheeks have a fuller appearance...I also have an arch to my eyebrows that truly opens my eyes. Forehead has no more waves. And my lips (which I was most nervous about) are my favorite part!! All this was done in an hour.
      Dr. Maercks made me aware that I was going to be swollen and possibly black and blue in certain areas after the injections. It took a few days for the swelling to come down (I have always been one to swell more than the average person), but then Dr. Maercks work was revealed and I have never looked so polished.
      I highly recommend Dr. Maercks if you want to look the best you can look with injectables. Just so you know, his office is small right now, but he'll be moving to a better office space in Miami soon.

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      "The experience was fantastic. The result from the fat tranfered from my thighs to my face was amazing. My face looks much more youthful and I have thinner thighs! :)"