Q: What got you into this specific medical field?
A: Love for art, beauty, and medicine
Q: What landed you in your city, and what is it that you like about the neighborhood?
A: Miami is home
Q: Where did you receive your undergraduate degree, your professional degree, and did you participate in a residency?
A: Undergrad: University of Florida. Med School: Duke. Residency: University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati Shriners, Cincinnati Children's Medical Center, VA
Q: Do you belong to any professional associations?
Q: What year did you begin practicing?
A: 2009
Q: What procedures do you feel your practice excels in above others?
A: Facial and Breast aesthetics; primary, secondary, and tertiary rhinoplasty; facelift, periorbital aesthetics
Q: What are the most challenging parts of your everyday practice?
A: I love everyday
Q: What are the best moments that make it worthwhile?
A: Seeing my postoperative patients
Q: What are your office hours?
A: 9am - 6pm
Q: Does your office offer financing?
A: CosmetiCredit