Q: What got you into this specific medical field?
A: One of the most challenging fields of medical science; requires lot of knowledge integration and at the same time needs people skills.
Q: What landed you in your city, and what is it that you like about the neighborhood?
A: Love Anchorage, Alaska, best place in the world.
Q: Where did you receive your undergraduate and professional degrees, and did you participate in any residencies?
A: University of Washington School of Medicine, Seattle
Q: Do you belong to any professional associations?
A: American Academy of Neurology, Alaska State Medical Association
Q: What year did you begin practicing?
A: 2005 at this location.
Q: What investments in your practice equipment and facilities have you made?
A: Fully equipped
Q: What procedures do you feel your practice excels in above others?
A: Experience
Q: What are your office hours?
A: 9am to 4pm Monday-Thursday; 9am to noon Friday.
Q: What HMO or PPO providers are you in network with? Do you offer financing?
A: Accept all insurance; Financing available.
Q: Do you accept any government programs or discount cards?
A: Tricare, Triwest, Medicaid, Medicare, VA
Q: What are the most challenging parts of your everyday practice?
A: Every day, every patient, every encounter is a challange.
Q: What are the best moments that make it worthwhile?
A: See smiles on patients.