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You didn't mention if you were on any hormonal type birth control, so my answer will assume that you are not taking this type of birth control. A 2 or 2.2 cm cyst on an ovary would not be perceived as painful by a patient. These cysts are usually noticed on pelvic ultrasound, but are not the cause of your "sharp pain" in the right lower side. The fact that your period started "early" probably means you did not ovulate, and that is why your period is also lasting longer. The first thing I would recommend is to get a pregnancy test if there is any chance you are pregnant. The second thing is to go to a GYN if you r bleeding/spotting lasts for more than 14 days. It is not unusual for a woman to have at least one abnormal "period" a year, so the condition may get better on its own. Good luck.

James T. Roth