Your smile is your first chance at a good first impression. A beautiful, healthy smile is one of your most valuable assets and lasts a lifetime. Picking the right dentist is very important to the maintenance of that valuable smile and for the health of your mouth.

Given the tight economy, cost does become a deciding factor when choosing a dentist. However, cost shouldn’t be the only consideration when it comes to pick a dental professional. There are several elements which should be considered:

   - Professional Memberships: Dentists are licensed medical professionals. Memberships in organizations like the American Dental Association (ADA) means the dentist is not only certified professionals, but are also held to certain levels of ethics and professional conduct. Many organizations also require a certain level of continuing education, so the dentist is trained in new techniques.
   - Ask Questions: Checking out the practice is only prudent. Find out how long the dentist has been in business and what kind of services does he/she provide. Does the practice provide for emergency care and/or patient comfort?
   - Communication is Key: If the dentist and his staff won’t talk to you, do you want them in charge of your smile? Find out if the dentist will discuss your options with you? Does he or she explain the procedures and their necessity?
   - Warning Bells: Beware of overly flashy advertising. If the dentist is prone to splashy ads, they may be like many other industries, quick to turnaround and an emphasis in quantity over quality. Flashy advertising may be a sign of higher risks taken for pretty and expensive procedures without concern for the patient’s health and comfort.


When it comes down to your health and your teeth, you need to pick the best dentist you can. Budgetary concerns aside, you need to be aware of what your dentist is doing. Look for professionals who promote prevention over expensive, trendy procedures. Your teeth are vital to your overall health, and your dentist should instill confidence and comfort in all his or her patient. You both need to protect both you and your smile for the entire lifetime of the smile.

Dr. Hanna and his staff are happy to answer any questions you may have and let you know of any and all certifications and professional memberships that you may have questions about.