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Your photo does show that there is swelling, (aka Edema). There is definitely an inflammatory response as well. However this means nothing without further evaluatuion and history. Is there a circulatory issue? You say you are obese, is there an underlying digestive issue? I see you have Callus on your toes and a hint of foot fungus. Is there pain alone the inside of your legs from the ankle up to the groin when you apply pressure? How about the outside, or lateral area of the legs, do they also hurt with deep rubbing along side them? That would be a serious digestive issue contributing to your inflammation! Do your joints hurt after eating certain foods? Are you happy? Have you had any trauma recently?

You see, there are many more questions that need to be answered. By the way, arthritis would not be anywhere near this. Although an X-ray can rule that out quite easily. And even is an x-Ray does show arthritis, it would be the least of your concerns. We need more information to help you find the true cause of this recent issue.

Elena Esparza