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  • Takes Time to Listen: 100%
  • Communicates Well: 100%
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    We are conveniently located in the West Valley Professional Center on Graves Avenue in West San Jose. We are behind the Chipotle Restaurant and Sprouts Supermarket.
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Muhusin Family Dental is a family-friendly dental office in the West Valley Professional Center located in West San Jose. Dr. Tykeisha Muhusin firmly believes that your oral health greatly contributes to your overall well-being and quality of life. At Muhusin Family Dental, you can expect caring, gentle, and comfortable dental care for the whole family. We are an in-network provider with many of the major dental insurance companies. We offer great services such as the popular Invisalign orthodontic system and in-office whitening that requires no light and takes less than 1 hour! Call us today at 408.409.2649 or book your appointment online by visiting our website,

In all my education, I have never heard of nor am I familiar with "itchy" teeth. You may be experiencing some sort of sensitivity. You should visit your dentist to evaluate the areas experiencing the discomfort. As for the discolorations, you may have demineralization (weakening of tooth enamel), caries, or intrinsic staining. Orthodontics can definitely correct the malposed canine and improve your oral hygiene. Make an appointment to see your dentist for a thorough evaluation and referral to an orthodontist for a consultation.

Tykeisha Muhusin