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  • Takes Time to Listen: 99%
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Great question! It's impossible to tell if the black spot you notice is decay or staining without a clinical examination so my first answer is to go to a dentist for a full examination. I know when funds are low, this can seem impossible but there are dental clinics at major universities and hygiene schools that can sometimes help you to at least have a hygiene visit and a set of digital x-rays to determine if you have decay. That is the first step towards figuring out a plan to prevent decay.... and save money!

The best thing you can do is focus on prevention. I recommend these steps:
- try a soft bristled toothbrush and if you can get a Sonicare, even better
- try a baking soda toothpaste like Arm and Hammer Complete Care that has calcium phosphate (minerals for your enamel)
- avoid sugars and fermentable carbs like breads and crackers. bacteria LOVE these things and when they consume the sugars, they produce the acid that causes decay
- I notice that you have a chronic inflammatory condition and are taking several medications. This can sometimes lead to dry mouth, which is another thing that contribute to tooth decay. Saliva is vital for the protection of your teeth
- Coconut oil pulling is nice addition to your homecare routine, I recommend it to patients first thing upon rising in the morning after using a tongue scraper (Removes that slimy coating on your tongue). Swish and swirl the oil around your mouth but do not gargle. Although 20 min seems to be the standard time given for oil pulling, many patients found this to be too long, so try 5-10 min to start.

When patients have little or no insurance coverage, the best bet is to try to prevent decay in the first place.

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