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Only if by "G spot" you mean "groin" because that is what you have: a groin sprain.

Tearing a G spot from coughing or lifting would be like asking if you could sub your toe with a migraine headache. Unless there is direct injury, ain't gonna happen.

On the other hand, a groin strain can cause all of the symptoms you describe. can occur with both or either lifting heavy objects or a very strong coughing attack. Both those acts cause your body to tighten, your abdominal muscles to contract and if those two over stress your muscles and ligaments suddenly or in the spasm of a cough, it can result in over stretching the muscle and/or ligament causing the proverbial strain. The body and its organs and muscles and ligaments funnel into the smaller space of the pelvis where nerves and blood vessels and all of the above coalesce. A small injury in one area of the pelvis can cause referred pain in surrounding areas just because of the proximity of everything. The only way to cure a strain is rest and anti-inflammatories. It may take a few weeks to feel better and if you don't, you should seek a medical exam and advice to rule out a more extensive injury.

Dr Lara
Adrienne Lara MD

Adrienne E. Lara


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