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Molly Maloof, MD

Director of Clinical Content

large bubbles in urine

does this indicate an infection?
  • Male | 70 years old
  • Complaint duration: 7 days
  • Medications: warfarin, spironolactone, enalapril
  • Conditions: a recent bladder infection, hopefully cleared up

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Featured Answer

38 UpVoted this answer
Bubbles in urine that disappear within seconds are not usually significant but if the bubbles last that is almost always a sign of protein being inappropriately allowed to leak through the kidney filtering mechanism and end up in your urine. That can be either from kidney disease or an infection which can generate protein from damaged tissue like the urinary tract and bladder. Your medications may also indicate an increased risk for production of bubbly or foamy urine.
Jonathan W. Singer
21 UpVoted this answer
Bubbling seen at mixing urine with toilet water reflects there is ingredients there to a degree to form something like soap, which is usually some protein - related with quiet inherent kidney diseases, which may be related with hypertension, diabetes, etc. Generally speaking, it poses no immediate concern or harm to your existing health. But, still need a timely comprehensive evaluation with a complete urinalysis, blood test for renal function, evaluating current drug usage - prescribed or non-prescribed, lifestyle, etc. + physical exam + additional tests as needed. Besides, at a 70-yr man, a professional mind should direct to concerning how you urinate and if you can empty bladder, etc. So, collect and bring the information of the onset, degree, duration, interval, evolution, and progress of all symptoms over time to Doc for analysis, physical exam, & possible tests as needed timely so to deduce the possible correct Dx for proposing reasonable Rx / care. To help live a long realistic happy life, welcome to peruse some articles in . Best wish ...
Chin-Ti Lin
19 UpVoted this answer
there is no substitute for thorough examination by a urologist

repeat urine analysis and culture

it is NOT normal for men to get urinary tract infections

a cystoscopy and Computerized tomography of Abdomen and Pelvis may be indicated

gas or bubbles can be from infection or gas from the colon that is getting into the bladder.

This may be a intestinal bladder fistula.
Aaron Grotas
13 UpVoted this answer
Are these bubbles you see in the toilet or bubbles excreted from the tip of the penis in the urinary stream? Definitely need to be seen to evaluate further and it's never clear if it's an infection without a urinalysis to test the urine. In addition Urology is certainly warranted - especially if the bubbles are visible before the urine reaches the toilet bowl.
Sumeet K. Goel
11 UpVoted this answer
The simple answer is bubbles in the urine (since you had a recent bladder infection) are generally a yeast infection. And, yes, men get yeast infections, too. Get off all sugar and yeast-producing foods for a couple weeks and see if that doesn't clear it up.
10 UpVoted this answer
Bubbles are usually not associated with an infection certain urinary symptoms such as pain new onset frequency urgency fever foul smell and cloudiness are the usual symptoms but if you have had a recent infection go back to your doctor and have them recheck if the bubbles are coming out of your penis during urination that is a totally different story and would need to be checked as well good luck
Jeffrey R. Thill
8 UpVoted this answer
- Make sure there is no cleaning chemicals in the toilet that could cause the bubbling

- Go and urinate promptly without delay, do not wait to urinate, and drink water (highly concentrated urine can bubble up)

- Amino-acids in the urine

- Retrograde ejaculation (back up of sperm in the bladder through urethra instead of outside)

- Prostatis, urinary tract infections, pneumaturia (abnormal connection between the bladder and the colon)

Bottom line, see a Physician!
John Kouame
8 UpVoted this answer


Do a urine micro study to rule that out .
Don Ha
7 UpVoted this answer
It is usually a harmless hydraulic effect, if occasional. But could indicate excess protein in your diet or a kidney problem. You need to see a health care prof. it the problem is recurrent. Good Luck...
1 UpVoted this answer
bubbles only in toilet, and there's no discomfort or unusual urgency